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Savory Taralli (Puglia Region, cookies)

These delicious Savory Taralli can be made up in a hurry. Who does not remember growing up with these cookies during Holiday time?  With a little practice, they can be ready in an hour.  A few simple ingredients is all you need. This recipe can be made in several ways.  The sweetened version is the most common here in the States, typically made during holiday time.    Had lots of fun this past month with Mom around.  She hadn't made these in so many years.  Her mother made these typically around Easter time, so we did too.  Thank you to the Academia Barilla cooking School in Parma, Italy  for their video recipe and reminding us all that Traditions are a very important part of today's kitchen and should remain that way. Here is my variation.  I used the food Processor.   Traditionally made by hand and still made my hand today.  So don't worry if you don't have a food processor.  Will ta…

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