Pollo alla Mediterranea

Came in so late without a plan.  Since we seem to be on the subject of chicken,   I opened the refrigerator and realized I had a whole Organic chicken, cleaned and cut up ready for something, but was not sure what to do.  My husband gets tired of chicken easily so I had to come up with an excuse quickly.  A jar of mixed olives unopened was in the pantry.   A simple combination of great flavors concluded a great dish~Here is a dish that requires very little work. My favorite recipes~ Buon Appetito

One whole chicken about 3-4 pounds cut up into small pieces. 
flour to coat
salt pepper to taste
1 / 12oz jar of mixed Greek and french olives/ drained and set aside.
3 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup white wine
salt and pepper to taste
2 additional tablespoons of olive oil upon the chickens return to the pan in step 2

1. Drain and dry with paper towels your cut up chicken. Heat your oil in a large enough skillet, enough to accommodate your chicken.  Dredge you chicken pieces in flour, remove access.  Brown your pieces in the oil.  Drain on towels and set aside.  By now, the fat from the chicken would have added additional grease to your pan. 

2. Drain the grease, wipe out with paper towels and return the pan to the stove.  Add 2 tablespoons fresh olive oil.  Saute your garlic till fragrant.  Add your olives, smashing some into the oil.  Return your chicken pieces to the pan and give them a turn.  Add your white wine and let simmer away.  Put the lid ajar on your pan and simmer until your liquid has reduced (about one hour).   Set off the heat to cool.  Serve with a side salad, and some Italian bread~ Buon Appetito~  


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