Mussels con Peperoni~ (Mussels with Roasted red and Yellow Peppers)

I always keep Oven roasted red and yellow peppers on hand in the back of the cabinet.  I love being able to remind myself of a bountiful harvest left from summer, while in the winter months.  I jarred 12 jars in all, and already down to just a few.  I never make enough.  That is a future class.

TO ROAST THE PEPPERS:  I like to to char under the broiler.  Remove them carefully from the oven and set in a bowl to cool, cover with plastic wrap.  The trapping of the heat from the peppers will cause the skin of the peppers to come away from the meaty part of the pepper.  After 20 minutes time, remove the plastic wrap and carefully peel your peppers, discarding seeds.  Pat dry with paper towels.  Set them aside to finish cooling.   You can do this in advance, even by a few days and keep them ready to go in the refrigerator.  This summer we will be having a lesson in storing peppers, eggplants, artichokes, etc.  for future use.  For now, this is a great way to have fresh, oven roasted peppers in a hurry.   You can place them in a container covered in garlic and olive oil and some salt.  They never last more than a few days around here.  Great for sandwiches too.
This recipe serves 4-6 as an appetizer

This simple recipe calls for Black mussels with the shells on.  Although I am big advocate for "Fresh is best", when you live in Tupelo, Mississippi, some things are nearly impossible.  I came across these mussels frozen, from the North Atlantic.  They are excellent quality already cleaned and pre cooked and maintain great flavor in this dish.   Clean your mussels gently and quickly.   Set aside:
Ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic  diced
                   3 tablespoons olive oil
                   3 tablespoons parsley
                   2 pounds of black mussels
                   1 teaspoon pepper
                   1 teaspoon of salt
                   One cup of white wine

Into a large 12 inch frying pan, heat your oil on medium.  Add your garlic and saute for a minute until fragrant.  Add our mussels and saute.   Be sure your mussels are heated through and all opened.  Add your parsley.   Discard any that are unopened.  Add your salt and pepper.  Add your white wine and reduce.  Remove your mussels from the pan.  Remove the mussel itself from about half of the shells.  Discard the empty shells.  Add your remaining liquid into the bowl.  You should have a fair amount of liquid left after the reduction (about 1/3).  Set aside.  Wipe out any excess liquid from your pan.   In the same frying pan, add 2  more tablespoons of oil.  Slice your peppers.  One large red and yellow will do nicely for this dish.  Cut the pepper up length wise into small strips.

Special Note about fresh mussels:  Be sure and clean your mussels with a brush if you are using fresh.  Be sure and use cold water.  A pair of cooking gloves is a wonderful addition to your kitchen when cleaning fish is involved. Brush the dirt and sand away gently, being careful not to damage your mussels.   Dry them off quickly.  Heat your oil and put them in a pan.  Once your mussels heat into the pan, place a lid on the pan for just a minute.  Turn your heat down to low for a few minutes and add 1 cup of white wine.  Increase your heat to medium and place your lid back on the pan for a few minutes. The lid on the pan will trap the moisture and cause your mussels to open.   As your pan heats, your mussels will open.  This should take about 5-7 minutes in all.  Discard any un-opened mussels.   Reduce your liquid to 1/3 and follow the rest of the steps for this recipe.  Either way, it works very well.

One yellow, oven roasted Pepper
One red, oven roasted Pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons of garlic diced
3 tablespoons of parsley

 In the same frying pan, add 2  more tablespoons of oil.  Slice your peppers.  One large red and yellow will do nicely for this dish.  Cut the pepper up length wise into small strips.  Heat your olive oil and add your garlic.  Saute until fragrant.   Add your peppers and heat through.  At this point add your mussels back to the pan.  Gently mix and turn off the heat.  

This recipe will serve 4-6 for an appetizer.  You can serve it as a main course tossed with your favorite Pasta "Lunga" or long pasta such as Spaghetti, Linguine, etc.

Place 2 pieces of good crusty bread in the bottom of your bowls.  Spoon your mussels and peppers over your bread.  Top off with additional toasted Italian bread and sprinkle with Parsley.  Buon Appetito~


I am a huge fan of Mussels and this is a wonderful recipe.. I just know these flavors pull together wonderfully
Mike! Thank you. This recipe pulls together very quickly. If you have some peppers under oil, like I do, even better. Works well either way. If you are used to working with musseles and eating them, you will love it. Traditonally done with the green banana or green chile pepper, works well too. I find the green very heavy from a dietary standpoint. Elegant presentation too.
I am going to make an italian out of you! lol

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