Fish Salad (Insalata di Pesce)

 This is a fabulous salad to serve at a Summer luncheon or as an evening meal.  I even like to make it Christmas Eve.    Light and delicious, it's hard to resist even leftover the next day.
Serves 8/  You may make it as large and filled with as much variety as you like.  A Summertime favorite around here!
1 cup fresh lemon juice
2 lemons sliced fine
2 pound Cooked jumbo shrimp
3-4 fillets of  boiled  or grilled meaty fish (codfish), cooled and cut up into pieces. 
3 stalks of Celery diced fine
1 fresh white medium onion
1 pound fresh Asparagus, trimmed and blanched.  Ends discarded, diced stems and tops reserved. 
2 - 8oz jars of artichokes under vinegar and oil/ drained
Add some fresh sprigs of parsley right  before servingra
Add a sprinkle of extra Virgin Olive oil right before serving.
One teaspoon of salt
One teaspoon of Pepper

Method:  In a large bowl combine all your ingredients.  Be sure your fish is drained and cooled.  Tails on Shrimp can be trimmed off or served with tails on.  I like to remove mine as it is easier to eat and avoids having to use your hands.  Who could resist?   Add your artichokes and asparagus then lemon juice.  Toss gently and chill for at least 3 hours before serving however It's best if chilled overnight.  Serve in chilled Martini glasses  or just in plates over some garden spring salad.  Its refreshing and delicious.  Buon Appetito!

Special Note:  Use any combination of fresh fish. The more the merrier.   Be sure it's well  chilled before serving!

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