Crab Cakes (Polpette di Granchio all' Italiana con herb e peperone)

I love it when a certain food just "Stirs" up all kinds of conversation.  I am not sure what it is exactly about the crab cake that gets everyone excited, even me.  Maybe it's that delicious, unexpected flavor that one gets from each and every crab cake.  It's always fun to come up with your own and break from a traditional recipe.  
I came up with this in my kitchen on the coast a few years back.  I just had very little ingredients around the kitchen but had one container (One pound of crab meat), and one vivid imagination.
 Makes 15-20, 2-3 inch crab cakes
Ingredients:  One pound, picked and rinsed,  lump/claw meat mixed crab meat (it doesn't have to be the most expensive).
One cup of bread crumbs.  (I make my own with left over bread, toasted and various herbs and salt).
Plus extra bread crumbs for your plate to coat before frying.

One handful of chopped, diced parsley (just use what you like)
1/3 cup mayonnaise
One teaspoon Dijon mustard or Lemon mustard (I like to make my own)
one teaspoon salt
Black pepper to taste
One egg yolk
One red pepper / one yellow pepper, roasted, peeled and diced. Be sure to dry them with paper towels some.  You can use jarred if you like.  Just drain and dry with paper towels before adding to the recipe.
One parchment lined baking sheet
one large skillet
One cup frying oil (I like to use Sunflower oil to fry)

Method:   Combine all your ingredients in a bowl. 
Using a Tablespoon, shape two spoonfuls  in your hand to form your shape.  Pass them once again in some extra bread crumbs.   Place them on your baking sheet.  Continue until you have used up your crab meat.   (Depending on how heavy handed you are, you can really make these in any size you wish.  Just take some practice).
Roasted peppers// cooling

Combine your ingredients
On to a parchment lined baking sheet
At this point you can put them into the refrigerator to firm and set for one hour.  If you are making them in a hurry, be sure and place them in freezer to firm up  for 20 minutes to set before frying.  Make sure your oil is hot by placing  a few bread crumbs in the pan.  If they sizzle, it's hot enough.   Slip in your crabcakes and fry until crispy.  Drain on paper towels.
Optional Condiment:  serve with your favorite dipping sauce or fresh tomato salsa. I like to use a combination of fresh, homemade mayonnaise, hot sauce and some lemon Mustard.  Buon Appetito!
Special note:  You can even add optional cup of cooked corn which can be quite colorful and delicious. 


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