Pasta with Sausages and Roasted red Peppers (Pasta con Salsicce e Peperoni Rossi Arrostiti

When our dear friends craved something Italian, I just had to comply.  What better way to celebrate Valentine's day with some food from the country that started it all. 
Truth be told, they had been through so much lately as a family.  We were very happy to hear our friend was recovering so well from his surgery.  Time for a celebration!~ I began cooking early in the day.  Nothing like some comforting Chicken cutlet Parmigiana.  But I decided to make some pasta too. Had some sausages on hand along with my jarred Roasted red peppers.  So why not?   I don't know a Southerner who doesn't like Sausage.  It's not just for breakfast.  In fact, make sandwiches for lunch the next day.  The possibilities are endless in the Italian Kitchen.   Buon Appetito!

Serves 8-10
Ingredients: 2 packages of Sausages.  I used Italian sweet sausage. Approx. 2 pounds (Can be made with less.  Just make appropriate adjustments as the method is the same).
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
One Italian sweet onion cut up.  You can use 1/2 a yellow onion or Spanish onion if you like. (Look for something sweeter than the traditional yellow onion).  Sliced, about one cup
4 large roasted red peppers seeded.  (There are several good jarred varieties on the market.  Roast them ahead if you like, peel and cut into large strips).
2 cloves garlic diced
one small clove of elephant garlic diced (optional)
One cup of dry, white wine
Method: Place your olive oil in a large skillet and brown your sausage

Remove them from the pan and set aside.
Drain all fat from the pan in a bowl.  Spoon back into the skillet about 4-5 tablespoons.  Reserve the oil for now. (you might need it if you find your pan to dry later).
Add your onion and garlic and saute until wilted and fragrant.  This will take about 5 minutes or so on medium.
Add your roasted red peppers and mix.  Reduce for a few minutes and add your sausages back to the pan.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
Turn your sausages in your pan gently.
Adjust your heat.  Add one cup of white wine and continue reducing.   At this point place your sausages into your oven on bake for 30-35 minutes.  Check them occasionally and give them a mix in the pan. 

After cooking the sausage in the oven, remove them from the pan.  I cooked some pasta with this wonderful sauce, that requires no tomato at all and is filled with gorgeous color and terrific flavor.
Since I was making Chicken Parmigiana for our friends too, I decided to take along some extra tomato sauce.  I think I made enough food for them for a few days at best.
Please excuse the metal tray.  It was a great method of transport however.  I did dress it up the best I can.

Special delivery!  Happy Valentine's Day to our dear friends, The William's.  We are so happy to know he is recovering so well from Surgery and he didn't lose his appetite.  Packed up and ready to go! ~Enjoy!!!   Buon Appetito!


Love roasted red peppers and sausages! This looks great

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