Chicken with Baby Peppers (Pollo al Peperoni in Bianco)

There are so many variations to this great dish.   I actually make two different versions.  This one is "in bianco" or which is often times referred to as, "without the addition of tomato."  Either way, it's fabulous.   A quick browning in the pan, the addition of your peppers and into the oven it goes.  In the time it takes to have a cocktail, set the table and get ready for dinner, it's ready.    Here is last night's version.
Ingredients:  4 person serving
12 small chicken thighs, cleaned, skinned and dried with paper towels.  I like to use local chickens.  They are much smaller than the store variety.   Make serving size adjustments, if you must. 
3 teaspoons of salt
3 teaspoons of pepper (more or less if you prefer)
About 12 baby peppers, julianne sliced, the size of matchsticks if you can.
4 large cloves of garlic diced.  You may use one large diced onion if you like
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
One cup white wine
3 tablespoons olive oil
One large skillet (oven proof), with an oven proof lid
Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees.   Heat your olive oil to medium/ high.  Add your garlic and stir until fragrant.   Carefully remove the garlic from the pan.  You just want flavor.  You don't want to burn the garlic. Salt and pepper your chicken on both sides and carefully slip them into the pan.    Brown on both sides for about 6 minutes per side.
Carefully add your peppers and give them a mix.

Add your garlic back to the pan and give it a mix again.  Add two tablespoons of red wine vinegar.  
Add one cup of white wine and let evaporate to about half.   
Place a lid on the pan and place in the oven for 45minutes to an hour.  Check your pan after 45 minutes.   If somewhat dry, add some water.   If you see alot of liquid, uncover the pan and let reduce.   If your chicken, looks done, remove your chicken first and let the liquid reduce.   Check your chicken with a fork.  If it falls of the bone, it's done.   

You should still have some liquid left in the pan.  Let it rest 12-15 minutes before serving.   Place your chicken pieces in a serving dish, pour some of the delicious pan juices over the chicken and sprinkle with a combination of fresh herbs.  I used Basil and Parsley. 
Serve with some crusty bread.  You won't be able to resist.
Buon Appetito!

Special Note:  You can add fresh tomatoes after adding the wine too.  You will have to add a few minutes extra to your cooking, before it goes into the oven.  You can even coat your chicken pieces with flour.  I don't ever use Green peppers in my kitchen.  They are overall, unpleasant, due to their thick skin.  Their slightly higher acidity levels make them hard to digest too.   I like to add some capers to this dish when I have them on hand and omit the vinegar.  I like to keep it simple and uncomplicated, after all, it's all about these  beautiful, colorful,Peppers.



Barbara, this whole post was a "recipe" with all of the tips and suggestions and notes you included, from beginning to end. I love cooking like that -- love the way you cook! Went straightaway to the freezer to thaw some chicken thighs for dinner... the cocktail will come later, hee hee.) Many thanks!
I love doing anything and everything with baby peppers. You make it look so gorgeous too!
Thank you Kim and Alessandra. As you both know, it's so difficult to get a picture when everyone, including the cook, is starved. I love using colorful peppers too. I have only seen them locally here, this year. It's nice to now to be able to do this all year round. Cheers!!

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