Pasta with Arugula and Pancetta

When it comes to Pasta dishes, the possibilities are endless.   A few simple ingredients makes for one great, wholesome dish.   I had some fresh Arugula that I needed to use and a small piece of Pancetta.  You can make this dish without the Pancetta, for those of  you who are strictly vegetarian or if you just want something light and wonderful and still have a great result.   I was craving something salty.   The combination is heavenly.   In less time that it takes to boil pasta, you can have this ready and really impress your guests.  Buon Appetito!
Ingredients:  Serves 4 
3 tablespoons olive oil
One clove of garlic diced
One large skillet to accommodate your ingredients
3-4 ounces of pancetta sliced fine into tiny pieces
About one 10 ounce package of Arugula, cleaned, washed and dried
12 ounces of your favorite, good quality, imported,  Italian pasta
Large pasta Pot filled with ample water to boil   (about 4-5 quarts)
Be sure and use ample water as your pasta will expand and needs room to cook.  Don't forget the salt, about 2 tablespoons to be added to the water, before it comes to a rolling boil.   
A lid for your pasta Pot (To help bring your pasta, quickly up to a boil again once added to the water).
Place your oil in the skillet and heat to medium.  Cook your pancetta until Brown and crisp.  Add your garlic and give it a mix until your garlic is fragrant (within seconds, since your pan is still hot).   Turn your heat off and add your Arugula.  Place a tight fitting lid over your Arugula and turn your heat off.    Move the pan to cooled burner and let rest.   After about 2 minutes or so, your Arugula will be wilted and ready to toss with your pasta.
 Once mixed, your Arugula will be nicely coated and will not require any additional oil.   Cook your pasta to al dente, drain well and toss with some Fresh, Parmigiano Reggiano.
 Buon Appetito!


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