Pulled Beef Sandwiches all' Italiana

Leave it to an Italian to come up with this wonderful dish.   I had to come up with something fabulous for our Memorial day get together.   I had one jar left of Peperoncini peppers in Vinegar left from last years Harvest.  If  you don't have any fresh in a jar, no worries, store bought will do just fine.   You can buy them jarred, under vinegar.  Just remember to drain, rinse and place them under fresh vinegar immediately upon opening.   After several hours on the grill, wrapped up like a present, you will get a nice result.   This is the perfect party food, enough for a large crowd.  The sandwiches are quite substantial, even in miniature.   Leftovers keep well, so nothing goes to waste.   Buon Appetito!
Gas grill on high.
One 5 pound chuck rust or English Roast
Plenty of aluminum foil
One 12 oz jar of Peperoncini pepper under white wine vinegar
Fresh or store bought.  (Store bought requires rinsing and refilling with white wine vinegar)
2 teaspoons of salt
2 teaspoons of pepper
1/2 glass of white wine
Method:  Heat your grill to high and keep the lid closed.  Lay out several sheets of aluminum foil.  Place your meat, salt and pepper, peppers, vinegar over your meat.  Slice a lemon and place some  lemon slices over your meat. 
One handful of fresh Rosemary
Place the chuck roast on several sheets of aluminum foil.   Pour your peperoncini, the vinegar, all over the meat.   Salt and pepper the meat.   Fold your aluminum foil around the meat and peppers creating a seal. Be sure and wrap tightly.  You want as little liquid to espcape as possible during the cooking process.    Wrap another sheet around it and turn it  over.  Be sure and seal it completely.  You don't want any air escaping.  It may require several sheets of foil.  Do not worry.  The idea is that the meat, over time, cooks in it's own juices and steams until it's done.  Place on the grill, close the lid, and turn the heat to low.  The aluminum foil should be completely closed around the meat.    The grill temp with the lid closed will rise to 400.  Every hour, open your lid,  turn the aluminum foil package and close the lid again.  Cook for 4 hours total cooking time. 
Let rest and cool 20-30 minutes before opening the foil and shred into pieces with a fork. 

Shred  and serve with stemmed peperoncini.   Line some baguette bread, sliced thin with fresh Mayonnaise.   Salt and pepper to taste.  Then add some Peperoncini, spring lettuce and shredded beef.   Serve warm or at room temperature.  Buon Appetito!  They were a big hit.
Buon Appetito!


Newlywed Cook said…
I never would have thought to cook a whole big cut of meat on the grill! But this looks delicious!

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