Pasta with Fresh Garden Tomatoes, garlic, capers and black olives

I love it when my food causes a big "Stir" on Facebook.  Especially when some of the ingredients are right under our noses, in our kitchen.  Plenty of Fresh tomatoes coming out of the garden, we can't keep up with.  Looking for new way to use them up, can be quite a challenge.  For this dish, I looked in my pantry for some assistance.  Having a well stocked pantry is the key to ones existence (especially when you live 10 miles from the nearest grocery).   Although it was Friday, I really didn't feel like fish.   I always have plenty of black olives and capers on hand just in case.   The dish varies regionally in Italy, with the addition of breadcrumbs in some areas inn the Southern Region.   The dish, with fresh tomatoes is ready in a hurry .   Pick your favorite pasta and enjoy.   Buon Appetito! 
Servings:  4 ample Pasta bowls
Ingredients:  4 tablespoon of good quality Olive oil
                     3 cloves of garlic minced
                     5 medium, fresh tomatoes.  I used Campari
(The skin of the Campari tomatoes disintegrates quite well while cooking.  Do not worry about peeling them first)
One cup of diced black olives
A good tablespoon  of capers under salt, rinsed. 
Handful of fresh parsley
Handful of fresh basil 
1 pound of Linguine 
Pasta pot with 6 quarts of cold water
Method:  Clean your tomatoes gently with damp paper towel. Slice them thinly and set aside.  Place your olive oil in a large skillet and heat to medium.  Carefully add our garlic and saute' until fragrant.  Add your sliced tomatoes and cook on medium, carefully smashing them with the back of a wooden spoon,  to help them along in the cooking process.   After about 10 minutes or so, they should be softened and broken down.   Add about one teaspoon of salt and one of Pepper and continuing cooking. Don't be afraid to use more salt.    Place your pasta pot of water on to boil.  Add an ample tablespoon of salt to the water. Remember to bring it to a rolling boil before adding your dry pasta.  Bring it back to a boil in a hurry, by mixing and covering your pot for a few seconds.  Keep a careful eye on it to not boil over.    In the meantime, add your black olives and capers and give it all a mix.  Your condimento (sauce), is ready when you see some oil forming a ring around the pan.   It should be light in color and very fragrant.  The entire cooking time should take no more than 15 minutes or so.  Since no 2 tomatoes are alike, its going to take a little practice to determine when your condimento will be ready. I like to add hot chile pepper but that is optional.

Cook your pasta to just al dente.  Reserve a little cooking water (about a 1/3 of a cup to add to your condimento.  The starchy water will help the condimento adhere to your pasta.   Let it rest about 5 minutes before serving.   You won't be able to wait. 
Special Note:   This condimento is a wonderful addition to Pizza crust, Focaccia or just some crusty bread.   Hard to resist! Buon Appetito! 


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