Risotto con Peperoni Arrosto (Risotto with Roasted Bell Peppers)

Make no mistake about it.  I treat myself well.  My husband and son really missed out. I am eating alone.   A few simple ingredients is all you need for a fabulous Risotto.  I quickly Roasted a half of each color I had.  A few minutes under the broiler is all you need.  When the skin turns black,  quickly remove them from the oven and into a bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap and let cool.
In the meantime Heat about 3 cups of broth.  I prefer to keep vegetable broth in the freezer, always ready to go.  I opened up a great bottle of white wine and set aside a cup for my recipe.  I planned on having plenty of leftover for some Arancini for a future post.  What a great surprise and all for me!
Ingredients: 1/2 yellow
1/2 red
1/2 orange  Bell pepper
1/4 cup diced red Onion
12 oz of Arborio Rice
fresh basil and fresh parsley for garnish
3 cups of broth
one cup white wine
3 teaspoons salt
one teaspoon pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil
one teaspoon of capers
One pinch of Saffron  (one thread or powder)
Method:  Broil your peppers, in the manner explained above, set them aside to cool.  Cover with plastic wrap and peel.  Cover with a teaspoon of salt in a bowl and set aside.  
 Into a large enough pan or mini stock pot to accommodate your finished risotto, heat your oil.  Saute your diced onion.  After a few minutes, when your onion is fragrant, add your rice.  Give it a quick mix and add your wine.   Mix until your liquid is evaporated.  Add your salt.  Add your vegetable broth a little at a time.  Make sure you do not rush this process.  Your total cooking time on a slow simmer is about 25-30 minutes.  Great things can not be rushed.  I like to calmly have my cocktail while I watch this Risotto cook. 

Add  more liquid, keep mixing and let evaporate.  At the 25 minute mark add your saffron.  Mix, add the rest of your liquid and mix again.  The mixing helps the starch release from the rice.   The rice expands and creates a rich, creamy texture.  Add your roasted peppers, mix gently, add some parsley and basil if you like.  Add your capers and  Mix again.  Let our risotto  rest by placing a damp cheese cloth over the top.   Be sure and taste it and make sure its cooked to your liking.  Depending on your type stove, you may have to cook it a little longer.  You can use a thin cloth if you like.  Wait 5 minutes , remove the cloth and serve.

  Remember, patience is key to a successful risotto.  Great things can't be rushed. Remember,  to treat yourself well.   Saluti! Buon Appetito!
(Special note:  If you prefer you Risotto cooked a little longer than 25-30 minutes, be careful not to overcook.  Your risotto should be creamy but slightly firm when cooked). 


whozyerdanny said…
Save me some I'm coming for dinner ! Yummmmmmm
Jenni said…
Go Barb! I love that you treated yourself to this lovely risotto. Sometimes when I'm by myself, I tend to punt. This post reminds me to be just as good to myself when I'm alone as I am to Us when The Beloved is home. :)

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